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Rumours: A comedy by Neil Simon 28th-31st October: A live theatre production

28 Oct 2021

Where: Main Hall


One of the most sparkling comedies Neil Simon wrote!

In their very middle class Home Counties location Charles and Vivienne Brooks are hosting a dinner party for their friends as a way of celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. Delightful! Well, it would be – if it weren’t for the fact that Vivienne has disappeared, the staff have walked out, the prepared dinner ingredients are uncooked in the kitchen and the first guests arrive to the sound of ..…!
In the end all guests are complicit in a cover-up that no one really understands, but the fantastical events showcase Neil Simon doing what he does best – making the mundane insane – and hilarious!

One not to miss!!

Directed by Wendy Mason ………. A Milford on Sea Community Centre Production

{This amateur production of “Rumours” is presented by special arrangement
with Samuel French Ltd a Concord Theatricals Company}