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Dog Ruff with photo

Rock with Dog Ruff

9 Jul 2022

Tickets: £10


Starts 7.30pm

Ticket includes an interval hot dog

Dog Ruff are a local band who have performed in the South of England for about 50 years! Pete and Chris are the guitar players with John on bass. A recent (2002!) addition is Greg on drums.

Their music is a mix of 50s, 60s rock’n’roll and pop with some blues/blues rock and Americana thrown in.  The sets they play usually include some oddball songs to compliment the band’s oddball humour.  There are no set list for this band, they make it up as they go along, although there are many regular favourites that crop up most gigs.

They can play heavy and bluesy or party set format. Their audience can be teens to oblivion and beyond!