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M3 Aztec Chocolate Workshop

29 Jul 2024

Tickets: £10


Join Miss Witt, a local professional chocolatier, for an enchanting journey into the world of ancient chocolate!
Discover the fascinating history of chocolate, starting from its origins as a sacred drink used in the worship of ancient gods. Did you know that “Theobroma cacao” means “food of the gods”?
During this workshop, children will have the unique opportunity to see real cacao pods from Ecuador and learn about the rich history of the Aztec and Mayan empires. They’ll also get to experience an authentic Molinillo chocolate whisk, handcrafted by local Ecuadorian families, used to prepare traditional chocolate drinks.
Miss Witt will guide the kids through the fascinating story of how cocoa travelled to Europe, along trade routes and evolved into the beloved milk chocolate we enjoy today.
There will be lots of hands-on experience as they learn to temper chocolate, craft their own hot chocolate spoons, and create golden chocolate treasures to take home.
This workshop is an exciting blend of history, culture, and delicious chocolate-making fun!
The cafe will be open for parents and preschool siblings to use, refreshments and snacks are available for purchase. There will be a toy and colouring corner to keep the little ones entertained. Parents are welcome to use the free wifi if needing to work remotely.