13 Mar

ROH Live: Rigoletto

13 Mar 2022

Starts: 2pm RIGOLETTO    Verdi A new production directed by Oliver Mears, his first as Director… Read more »

16 Mar

Out of a Hat – impromptu play-reading

16 Mar 2022

Starts 7pm Meetings every alternate month. Different play each meeting. Parts are pulled from a… Read more »

17 Mar

Milford Movies: Blinded by the Light

17 Mar 2022

Starts 7pm Developed from British journalist Sarfraz Manzoor’s passion for Bruce Spingsteen and his celebrated… Read more »

18 Mar

Irish Night – Barn Dance with Murphy’s Lore Ceilidh

18 Mar 2022

Starts: 7.30pm Just a day late to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Murphy’s Lore Ceilidh…. Read more »

24 Mar

Uncle Vanya – from the Harold Pinter Theatre

24 Mar 2022

Starts: 7pm UNCLE VANYA   Anton Chekhov    Sonia Friedman Productions Full of tumultuous frustration and hidden… Read more »

25 Mar

JAM – Jazz at Milford: Blue Tides

25 Mar 2022

Starts: 8pm Bar open: 7.30pm Blue Tides are an 8-piece band based in the Dorset/Hampshire… Read more »