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Click here to download Report for the Trustees Year Ending 31 August 2020

The trustees who are also directors of the charity for the purposes of the Companies Act 2006, present their report with the financial statements of the charity for the year ended 31 August 2019. The trustees have adopted the provisions of Accounting and Reporting by Charities: Statement of Recommended Practice applicable to charities preparing their accounts in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland (FRS 102) (effective 1 January 2015).

Objectives and aims

The Charity’s objects are:

To provide and manage a community centre for the benefit of the parish of Milford-on-Sea
Lymington Hampshire and to encourage and promote the personal and social development of young people in the parish.
The charity operates a purpose-built Community Centre which opened in September 2010, and this report is for our 9th year of operation from this centre. We achieve our charitable aims by:
– Hiring the facilities to local organisations and individuals resulting in a broad range of activities including education,
music, art, drama, dance, exercise & fitness, meetings, local support groups, etc.;
– Running a well-staffed youth club two evenings a week. The activities are designed to promote communication and conversation as well as teaching our young people skills for life;
– Organising a wide range of activities and entertainment designed to have broad appeal and be a focal point for the local community, many of these activities are priced to raise Funds;
– Running a well-used café from Monday to Friday, providing free internet facilities, and a bar which runs alongside most of our events; and
– Raising funds by operating a successful charity shop.

Organisation and General

The charity’s governing body is the Board of Trustees which meets monthly to discuss operational and strategic matters. There are a number of sub-committees which report to the Board dealing with more detailed matters related to the ongoing operation and development of the Centre. New Trustees were appointed during the period; the vacant posts were advertised in the local area and all candidates interviewed. All Trustees appointed are local residents and often were previously part of the broad volunteer base that supports the charity.

The Centre operates a charity shop through a trading subsidiary (Milford Millenium Shop Ltd) of which it is the sole shareholder. All profits from the subsidiary are distributed annually to the charity to further its community objects.Trustees and Sub-Committees take responsibility for management of the day to day operations of the charity and the trading subsidiary; the charity does not have an appointed Chief Executive or Senior staff member.

The charity employed an average of 8 staff over the financial year, this being a full-time Caretaker, a part-time Administrator, a Charity Shop Manager and 1-2 deputies (all part-time) to ensure 6 days a week operation, a Youth Leader who takes responsibility for managing the Youth Club along with 2-3 Youth Workers (all part-time).

  • Achievements and Performance in 2018-19
  • During the last year, the Milford on Sea Community Centre has ensured that its financial position enables the Centre to continue to develop its wide range of services whilst keeping our charges as low as possible.
  • The Youth Club has continued to flourish. Attendance at the two weekly sessions have increased and new members are made very welcome. Each week pre-planned activities take place which are both interesting and enjoyable.
  • More generally we have continued to build a wide range of events & activities. The satellite broadcasts continue to be well supported and our Sunday afternoon matinee programme has helped to meet additional identified requirements within the Community. The range of Milford Movies has also been increased with latest releases also being well received. The varied programmes of other events and activities have continued, including a wide range of music, dance and plays. The Centre Pantomime was again very successful. We continue to support and liaise with the local Music and Arts festival, local churches, choirs, the RNLI, Barnardo’s, British Legion and other national and local charities and groups by selling event tickets through our Box Office; many of these were sold out. This Box Office service is greatly appreciated by the groups concerned.
  • We continue to expand the range of activities provided to local groups. The Seahorses Playgroup, run by volunteers and supported by the Community Centre has continued to be a success with young children and their parents.
  • We promote a monthly charity lunch and Sunday lunch club for the elderly who live alone in the village. Other regular group users include U3A activities, the local WI, Milford Gardeners, Milford Conservation Volunteers, several groups under the Dementia Action banner, carer’s café and the Stroke Association.

Trading Activities

The Charity Shop continues to be a very important source of funds. The shop is open 6 days a week, with some Bank Holidays and the occasional Sunday sale as well. Efforts to increase the volunteer base for the shop will be required in the coming year.

Buildings and Facilities

We have maintained a high standard of maintenance for the building and its equipment and facilities. We take a pro-active stance in meeting our Health and Safety responsibilities, including a rolling review of our risk assessments. We update our fire risk assessments and conduct a full electrical condition survey of the building installation. We continue to ensure that all of our equipment is well maintained and replaced where necessary.

Long Term Development

Trustees have, after public consultation, decided that adjacent land that has been acquired should be used to create a more relaxing and comfortable space within the Centre. After taking into account a number of options, and factors such as cost, value for money, aesthetic appearance, construction time and potential disruption to current activities, a pre-fabricated modular building solution has been selected. Final costs and design will be finalised in the first few months of our next financial year and a major fundraising effort will shortly be launched.

Public benefit

The Charity meets its requirements to deliver Public Benefit through the broad range of services listed above that are provided to the local community.


The Centre has a very active team of over 200 volunteers providing support in administration, refreshments, gardening, shop, kitchen, technical, and other activities; this enthusiastic support is what allows us to operate a Café, Box Office & Shop for six days a week & run our extensive programme of activities.